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Sullivan's Pan Tester
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Easily and accurately measures the pan tension on foot hold traps.  
Sullivan's Trap Tester
Order #STT
$15.95 - each
Order #EP6
$1.00 - each
#110 Triggers
Order #EP7
$10.00 - dozen
#160 and #220 Triggers
Order #EP9
$1.15 - each
Order #EP10
$11.50 - dozen
#330 Triggers
Order #EP11
$1.50 - each
Order #EP12
$15.00 - dozen
#110 Dog
Order #EP15
$1.00 - each
#330 Dog
Order #EP17
$1.50 - each
#220 Dog
Order #EP16
$1.00 - each
Music Wire Replacement Springs
#1˝ Springs
Order #EP40
$1.25 - pair
#2 Springs
Order #EP41
$1.50 - pair
#3 Springs
Order #EP41A
$1.75 - pair
Epler Fur Company, Inc. • John W. Epler, Jr. • 733 East Second Mountain Rd., Orwigsburg, PA 17961 • Phone 570-366-1261
J Hook 3 Tool
Heavy duty J hook 3 tool  has reduced grip range and better designed beveling on the head which makes it much easy to use for opening and closing j hook rivets and break away s hooks.  This tool is also manufactured to open and close 6 gauge s hooks in addition this new tool is designed to cut wire.  For use with annealed wire and cable.  A great new tool - at a great price.
Order #JH3
$22.00 - each
J Hook 3 Tool
These are blank replacement pans. Oneida-Victor #1-1/2 fits both OV and Duke traps; Oneida-Victor #1.75 and #2 are the same size and fit both OV and Duke traps; and Bridger trap sizes 2 and 3. Select choice from drop-down menu when you click the Add to Cart button.
Order #EPRP
$1.75 - each
Universal Swivel
Comes with two rivets. Can be used as an inline swivel.
Order #EP19
$4.50 - dozen
Order #EP20
$37.00 - 100
Order #EP22
$42.50 - 100
Jaw Buster Swivel (Crunch Proof)
Order #EP21
$5.50 - dozen
Order #EP24
$45.00 - 100
Single Stake Swivel
Comes with one rivet, designed for use on rebar stakes.
Order #EP23
$5.50 - dozen
Order #EP26
$53.00 - 100
Double Stake Swivel
Comes with one rivet.  This swivel is for double staking.  Two stakes will hold any animal fast, including coyotes.
Order #EP25
$6.50 - dozen
Order #EP27
$1.75 - dozen
Order #EP28
$14.00 - 100
S Hooks
Top fastener for linking chain to stakes or extending chain to drags.
Order #EP29
$1.50 - dozen
Order #EP30
$12.00 - 100
Fox Hollow Pan Adjuster
This tool will easily bend the dog frame back or forward to adjust your pan level.
Order #FHPA
$15.95 - each
Fox Hollow Pan Adjuster