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Be sure to regularly review our web specials.  These are offered as an introduction to new products.  Various products may be in limited supply, or as a special offer at a price reduction in quantity or combo offer.
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Epler Fur Company, Inc. • John W. Epler, Jr. • 733 East Second Mountain Rd., Orwigsburg, PA 17961 • Phone 570-366-1261
Epler's DP Supreme Pellet Bait
Deadly on raccoons in dog proof traps, cage traps and dirt holes. This formula is designed to be a bait and lure in one. The fish base and sweet fruit type lure combo makes this an irresistible bait on early to mid-season canines as well. A quart container is enough for 40 sets.
Order #DPPB
$8.50 - 1 quart
Order #DPPBG
$25.00 - 1 gallon
Order #EL35
$6.50 - 8 oz.
Epler's Triple Slam Bait
This bait is all natural and slightly tained to give you the best results on foxes, coyotes and bobcats.
All Fur Call - As the name suggests, this lure is a valuable asset for all fur bearers.  It is extremely deadly on muskrat and beaver - gray fox and bobcat find it very appealing.  All Fur Call makes a very good later season change up for all canines.  Use with skunk essence for fisher & marten as it will greatly help them make the final commitment to your set.
Order #AFC
$6.00 - 1oz.
Order #AFC2
$20.00 - 4oz.
Pure Crawdad Oil -  This is a pure sun rendered oil, light red in color, very strong and lasting at the set.
Order #EL48
$4.00 - 4 oz.
Order #EL49
$11.00 - 16 oz.
Extra $5 Shipping Fee on Cartons of Traps to Zip Codes Beginning with 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9.

Please call us to order these items. Actual shipping rates will apply. Quantities are limited. First come, first served. These trap closeout specials are for full cartons only, unless otherwise noted.

Bridger #159 Body Traps (6-1/8"x6" jaw spread) - $72.00 dozen, $38.00 half dozen

Bridger #3 Fully Modified Coilspring Offset Jaw (6-1/2" jaw spread) - $195.00 dozen
Bridger #1 Coil Spring Traps
Jaw spread is 3-3/4".
Order #SP4
$60.00 - dozen
Save $3
Ginseng in 21st Century
Medicinal Plants book
Ginseng Hunting
Two books and a video for one great price! Receive John Epler's All About Ginseng in the 21st Century, All About Ginseng Hunting DVD, and All About Saleable Medicinals for $41 plus $6 shipping. This special shipping rate applies only to our special combo offer. We'll adjust the rate for you.
All About Ginseng in the 21st Century  
by John Epler, Jr.

Modern hunting and growing methods and situations are explained in depth along with many photos making ginseng and other medicinal plants easy to identify.  Detailed information on cultivating ginseng and several medicinal plants including goldenseal along with possible diseases and special soil requirements are included to help you.  Step by step instructions on preparing your beds, planting the seeds and/or stock, all the way to marketing the roots are discussed.  This book is designed to give you valuable time saving information drawn from John Epler’s many years of experience working with ginseng.   Color cover and rear photos help make ginseng easy to identify with many black and white photos throughout the book
All About Ginseng Book
97 pages, 43 photos
Order #EB16
$12.00 - each
Order #COMBO
Epler's Mouse Bait -  This ground rodent bait is a proven canine and cat stopper.  It only takes a small amount to get their attention.  Strong and lasting.
Order #EL50
$7.00 - 4 oz.
Order #EL51
$12.00 - 8oz.
Duke 280
Duke #280 Double Spring Trap
8-inch jaw spread
Order #SP1
$115.00 - dozen
Duke #330 Magnum Double Spring Trap
10-inch jaw spread
Order #SP2
$172.00 - dozen
Save $20
Save $16
Duke 330
Duke #1 Longspring Guard Trap
4-inch jaw spread
Order #SP3
$69.00 - dozen
Duke Guard Trap
Duke #11 Regular Jaw Long Spring Trap
4-inch jaw spread
Order #SP5
$60.00 - dozen
Save $11
Save $9
Duke #11 Longspring
Duke #1.75 4x4 Offset Coilspring Trap
5-1/4-inch jaw spread
Order #SP6
$95.00 - dozen
Save $15
Duke 1.75 4x4 Offset
Oneida Victor #1-1/2 Coilspring Trap
4-7/8-inch jaw spread
Order #SP7
$90.00 - dozen
Oneida Victor 1.75 Regular Jaw Coilspring Trap
5-3/8-inch jaw spread
Order #SP8
$110.00 - dozen
Save $6
Save $10
Oneida Victor 1.75 Offset Jaw Coilspring Trap
5-3/8-inch jaw spread
Order #SP9
$118.00 - dozen
Save $8
Oneida Victor 1.75 Forged Jaw Offset Coilspring Trap
5-3/8-inch jaw spread
Order #SP10
$125.00 - dozen
Save $7
Oneida Victor #2 Forged Jaw Offset Coilspring Trap
5-1/2-inch jaw spread
Order #SP12
$118.00 - dozen
Save $5
Newhouse #1 Longspring Trap
4-inch jaw spread
Order #SP13
$70.00 - dozen
Save $17
Bridger #160 Magnum Body Gripper Trap
6-inch jaw spread
Order #SP14
$105.00 - dozen
Save $9