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Trapline Supplies 2
Epler Fur
Trapline Accessories
Add a D-Grip Handle to Your Trowel

Order #EA46
$4.50 Each
Three-in-One Tool

It's  a combination trowel, hammer and digging tool

Order #EA74
19.95 each
Trapline Hammer
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Dog Proof Trap Setter
The DP Setter makes it easy to compress the springs on Duke dog proof coon traps, Lil' Grizz Get'rs, Z traps and Bridger T3 traps..
DP Trap Setter
Order #EA70B
$4.00 - each
Order #EA64
$7.95 - each
Duke Setting Tool for Body Grippers
Our new Duke setter handles all sizes, from 155 to 330.
Heavy Duty Setting Tool

A setting tool for large body grip traps. These tongs are longer and therefore it makes setting 330s easier.
Order #EA64A
$9.95 - each
$10 Added Shipping Included in the Price
Follow state regulations concerning use of rubber crawdads
NEW! Sheep's Wool
The perfect lure holder.
Order #SHW
$2.50 - gallon bag
Note: The Bridger 1½ capper fits Bridger 1½ & 1.75; the Bridger 3 capper fits Bridger 3 and Duke 4.
Dirt Hole Punch
This is a quick way to make a dirt hole. Drive the tool in with your own hammer, twist and remove to make a 1½-inch diameter hole.
Order #DHP
$14.95 - each
Epler's Dog Proof Trap Setter

This trap setting tool is designed to aid in setting dog proof traps. Valuable tool for all, especially helpful for youth and women - use it to set Duke DP, Grizz and Z Traps.
Order #EA64D
$13.50 - each
DP Trap Setter
Sleepy Creek #3 Trap Setter
A 14-inch setter that sets 110 through 220 body grip traps, and longspring traps up to #2.
Order# EA64B
$10.95 - each
SCM Trap Setter
Coil Spring Trap Setter
Fits most size coil spring traps. Great for large size coil springs.
Order #CSTS
$10.95 - each
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31-Inch Gauntlet
Shoulder length glove, excellent for muskrat or beaver trapping.
18-Inch Gauntlet
Has a Jersey cotton liner.
Order #EA40
$18.00 - pair
Order #EA41
$6.00 - pair
Bemac Insulated Gauntlet
No more cold hands with these gloves.  Full shoulder length and with shoulder strap..
Order #EA43
$25.00 - pair
Fox Trappers Glove
A 12-inch waterproof glove with a non-slip neoprene coating.  Our best seller.
Order #EA44
$3.50 - pair
The Sod Buster
A 4-pound hammer with cutting edge that will break through the toughest sod.  It has a fiberglass handle.
Order #EA98
$19.95 - each
Sod Buster Hammer
Order #EA45
$9.50 - each
22-Inch Heavy Duty Trowels
Choose either a wide or narrow blade.  Strong wooden handle and tempered steel blade takes a lot of abuse.
22-Inch Heavy Duty Trowels With D-Grip Handle
Choose either a wide or narrow blade. Comes with the d-grip handle already attached.
Order #EA46B
$14.00 - each
Dirt Sifter
You can easily reduce your setting time using this tough diamond mesh screen sifter.  Cuts through tough sod in a snap.
Order #EA47
$7.50 - each
Pan Covers
24 pieces sealed in plastic to keep out odors.  Specify size (#1½ Round, #1¾ Round, #2 Square and #3 Square) from drop down menu.
Order #EA48
$3.00 - pack
Rubber Crawdad
We use a paper clip to fasten it to the trap pan.  For high visibility, put aluminum foil on the pan first.  No coon or mink can resist this set-up.
Order #EA50
$5.95 - dozen
Order #EA49
75¢ - each
Write Your Own Trap Tags
Package of 25.
Order #EA51
$3.00 - pack
Order #EA52
40¢ - each
Eye Dropper
One ounce size, fits 1 ounce narrow mouth lure bottles.
Order #EA53
$1.00 - three
Trappers Cap
A must for predator trappers.  Bed your trap securely in seconds without a pan cover.  Model A fits #1½ round pan coils; Model B fits #1¾ & #2 square pan coils; Model C fits #3 longspring & #3 round jaw round pans plus #3 Soft Catch.
Model A
Order #EA54
$6.00 - each
Model B
Order #EA55
$6.00 - each
Model C
Order #EA56
$6.00 - each
The Capper
This tool helps bed your traps securely in  seconds.  Made of cast aluminum, The Capper is unbreakable and light, weighing about 12 ounces.  The current models are carefully engineered to fit the following Bridger traps: #1½, #1.65, #2 and #3. Select size from drop down menu. 
Order #EA57
$10.00 - each
The Capper is also available in sizes designed to fit other traps as well:
#1½ Capper - Fits Duke #1½ coilsprings & Oneida-Victor #1½.
#1.75 K9 Pro Capper - Fits Oneida-Victor #1.75 4x4 K9 Pro traps.
Order #EA58
$10.00 - each
#1¾ Capper - Perfectly engineered to fit Duke #1.75 & #2 coilsprings; also fits Oneida-Victor #1.75 and #2 coilsprings.
Order #EA59
$10.00 - each
Order #EA60
$10.00 - each
Antifreeze Powder
This will help prevent freeze ups in dirt sets, even in zero temperatures.  Be sure your traps are properly waxed to prevent rust.  This product draws moisture.  Keep the container closed when not in use.  14 ounces.
Order #EA61
$3.00 - each
#330 Safety Grip
You don't want to be without this useful tool.  Works on all size body traps.
Order #EA65
$5.50 - each
Animal Release Stick
Heavy duty 48-inch snare allows you to safely hold animals away from yourself while you release them from the trap.  It works on most animals you will encounter, even the largest and meanest dogs.
Order #EA66
$35.00 - each
Release Stick
Order #EA68
$21.00 - each
Metal Catch Pole
This pole is 3-feet in length.
Epler Fur Company, Inc. • John W. Epler, Jr. • 733 East Second Mountain Rd., Orwigsburg, PA 17961 • Phone 570-366-1261
The Capper for Bridger #2 traps works on standard traps. It does not work on dogless traps.